Approach and Methods

Who can benefit from the coaching of AWR Business Concepts?

  • Business owners who are serious about growing their companies.
  • Business owners who are open to a dialog about what is keeping their company from growing to its full potential.
  • Someone who is willing to risk an out-of-the-box solution, i.e. consulting and coaching.
  • A business owner who thinks “I have been in business long enough to know how to run my business, but I am unsatisfied with my success.”
AWR Business Concepts, Arnie Rintzler Business Coach

What can AWR Business Concepts do for me?

Arnie Rintzler is a catalyst, he will guide you through positive change and growth.

He will help you assess 4 decisions driving growth:

  • People
    1. Do you have the right people “on the bus and are they in the right seats?” (from: Jim Collins, Good to Great)
    2. Are you making too many hiring mistakes and paying a very high price for that?
    3. Do your people have the right attitude to learn and perform at a very high level?
    4. Do your people have a clear understanding of what they need to do and how to do it?
  • Strategy
    1. Are your company goals laid out for 10 years, 3 years, 1 year, 90 days?
    2. Is your position in the marketplace well thought out and consistent?
    3. Is your reward system consistent with your goals and are they consistent with your values?
    4. Hey! Why did you start this business anyway?
  • Execution
    1. Are your systems aligned with your values and are they delivering what your clients/customers will reward?
    2. Strategy is about doing the right things, but Execution is about doing things right.
  • Cash
    1. For all companies, cash is king.
    2. If your company is having trouble with cash, nothing else matters.
    3. Is cash a problem in your company?
Arnie Rintzler, business coach

In addition, AWR Business Concepts will cover these 3 vital topics:

Priorities – Are they in line? Do we have agreement on what our organizations and each individual’s priorities are?

Metrics – What are we measuring? How disciplined are we in measuring it?

Communications – How are we communicating consistently all of the topics just outlined?