Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching to Achieve Your Dreams

Like our Olympic athletes, coaching and mentoring are processes that enable business owners and high performing individuals to achieve their full potential. Utilizing business coaching and mentoring is not a weakness but rather a strong business strategy that helps smart companies and individuals grow and succeed.

To stay at the top of one’s game, businesses need a trusted coach and objective adviser to work through the challenges they face. They need sound business and organizational advice, a sounding board, and support when they have to make tough decisions. They also want an ally who represents their best interests. Coaching can help them effectively define and set goals -chunking it down into achievable goals and action plans to turn a vision from an attractive dream into a fulfilling reality. Companies may have a vision of where they want their businesses to be 10 years down the road, but may need help with executing their plan to see it come to fruition. As Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

Who will benefit from coaching?

  • Companies looking to grow faster
  • Organizations with limited resources
  • Companies preparing for the coming year or quarter
  • Entrepreneurs who are trying to get all their business areas aligned
  • Any high preforming individual that wants to be challenged to move up to the next level
Arnold Rintzler, AWR Business Concepts

Arnie Rintzler, President of AWR Business Concepts, a business coaching firm located in South Orange, NJ, works with organizations from 10-200 employees (both for-profit businesses as well as non-profits). Arnie strongly believes that “each of us, whether individually or organizationally, benefits from an outside observer with no agenda (i.e., someone with nothing but the well being of the individual or the organization as a goal). It is best for that person to be trained and have a track record of coaching success.” Arnie had the good fortune of being successful in life and, after selling a business he created and grew, decided to pass along his knowledge to others by becoming a mentor and business coach.

Arnie uses a coaching model that is geared towards helping businesses grow. It is a model that asks a management team to review the 4 decisions that each organization makes: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

People: Perform a talent assessment to evaluate your people, to hire the best people and to provide the environment for those great people to perform at their best.

Strategy: Identify why you are in business, where you do business and how you generate revenue.

Execution: Are we generating profit from our revenue?

Cash: Cash Conversion Cycle used to identify areas to better convert profit to cash. If a human body runs out of blood, it will die … if a business runs out of cash, it will die.