Six Rules To Keep In Mind

1. Most people when given the same information will come very close to the same conclusions.
So why not?
People have different backgrounds / conditioning / prejudices / communications.
Solution: Ask questions, share information.

2. Most people want to do a good job.
Most people don’t know what is expected.
Most people don’t agree because they are working from different information.

3. It’s very difficult to look good in a bad system.

4. Most people are willing to change.
Why don’t they change?
They need to see the benefits personally and professionally.
Most people can get excited if they know the value and WIIFM, and are shown how to change.

5. Everyone wants to be somebody.
Organization needs to create an environment where people can be somebody. The key is
involvement   – as involvement increases:
a. Higher sense of Satisfaction
b. Higher sense of Responsibility
c. Higher sense of Commitment
d. Lower frustration / Higher quality

6. Everybody needs a coach.
A mentor helps them to achieve there potential. (Sports as a metaphor)