How do you know if you never try

Everybody has limitations. Some are physical, others are psychological; some are emotional, others are financial. No human being is perfect, no one is without difficulties. There is nothing easier than to say, “I have this problem, so I can’t possibly do this, that, or the other thing.” But, suppose the universe says, I’m not interested in “can’t.” I want to see what you can do, because you can do more than you think.
It’s true, you may fail. You may not be successful in what you set out to accomplish — but that’s no reason not to try. Perhaps other people will see you struggling and come to help. Perhaps your initial efforts will allow you to see another approach to your task. Or perhaps you will be the recipient of a miracle.
“I can’t, don’t ask me” isn’t an option — for how do you know if you never try?