The Cosmic Bank

On a spiritual level, the universe is a giant cosmic bank where we make withdrawals and deposits on a daily basis.

Our withdrawals include health, security, love, the breath that we take, even the fact that we can open our eyes in the morning!

We make deposits in the bank when we volunteer, help others, or do small kindnesses like saying hello to someone we don’t necessarily know well or even care about. Every day that we do actions of sharing beyond our comfort zone, or extend ourselves as a good friend, or pray not only for ourselves but for others as well, we are making a deposit into our cosmic bank account.

The cosmic bank is open 24/7, and our thoughts, words, and actions are constantly adding to or subtracting from our account. But we have to keep making deposits; we can’t rely on some good deed we did three years ago, hoping it will tide us over. Just as we need to eat every day, we need to share every day, too.

Today, take a moment to check the status of your account. Are you taking time every day to make a deposit?

To: The Great Leaders Who Have a Passion for Continuous Learning

From my beautiful friend Michael Reuter:

“Most men live lives of quiet desperation.” These words from Henry Thoreau’s book Walden are used as the introduction to Philip Humbert’s article, Can’t Life Be Better Than This?
He cautions: “Don’t let that happen to you!”
Every single day, we are faced with the choice of how we will live. We can worry about the news, or we can build the life we want. We can expend enormous energy on big, exciting problems “out there” (about which we can do little) or we can address the challenges of living the life we choose. It’s up to each of us how we use our time and talents, every day.
Day by day, we can build memories with our children, or we can focus on tragedy. We can read the best books ever written, or we can watch more television. We can build our businesses and develop our skills, or we can fret about the economy. We can move and dance and make our own music, or we download more iTunes.
Throughout history, most people have been hard pressed to do more than survive, but that is not us! We have the best education and richest resources in history! We can enjoy fine wine for a few dollars a glass. We can enjoy great music, or great conversation, or listen to the smartest people on earth, often in person, and anytime via recordings. The world is our oyster!
Humbert tells great leaders: “This week, determine that you will live your own life, in your own way, to the very best of your ability. Be as eccentric and unique and joyful as you truly are! Do one new thing, or do at least one thing differently. Spend one hour exploring the highest and best that is in you.” Open your eyes to see new possibilities, new dreams that will fulfill you. The joy and purpose of your life is in your hands to mold, shape and live. Yours will not be a life of quiet desperation, but one of meaning, value, giving and being more than you ever dreamed you could be. And have fun doing it! Remember: